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not the best lighting here, but only shot of this because i did had to change it for a thing i went to the next day. Julep maven May box arrived and i got to trying out the colors, Alice and Millie. Millie, the darker purple is almost a one coater, perfect at two. millie is pretty solid as well.

gave in to temptation at urban outfitters the other week and picked up that sorta dupe for deborah lippmann’s mermaids dream. the UO version is Sea Dust. excellent because Mermaid’s dream was one of the only lippmann polishes i had my eye on, and now that desire is fulfilled (and they were having a 2 for $8 on polishes so yeaaaaa) and i can move on. i dig it a lot.

april’s ipsy bag polish Station Love at first bite. love the color, hated that it was a jelly. but! it looks super nice after 4 layers.

Zoya day! Tracie and Solange, one of the new summer pixie dusts. wow. Solange is pretty, and pretty intense.

had everyone say this was a nice “green” so yeap. 

i went to a thing and it required getting fancy for it. got a chance to use Julep’s May boho glam colors and some from previous boxes.

Julep - Millie
Julep - Alice
Julep - Alma
Julep - Leila
American Apparel - Office
American Apparel - Dynasty
Color Show - Bold Gold

warming up the queue train

Some said it was spring? Oops. Dark colors forever. Had a chance to stop by the butter london store at Seatac, Seattle at the beginning of march and picked up stag do which is lovely in the bottle. It’s lovely on the nail but the shimmer is harder to see. Still nice.

Julep’s April boho glam box came the other day :D with my new faaaavorite Lena. Lena is perfect and almost a one coaster if you get it right.

Third month in a row of boho glam getting a complimentary color set, julep. Is blue and orange or purple and yellow just inherently “Boho” to you? Just no red and green? I love the blues but I’m up to my eyeballs in oranges that I don’t really use.

Still waiting on my add on. Had to pick up Eden.

Enamored by all the people posting photos of their lush lacquer orders and picked up Neon Lights. It’s the Matte neon glitter in a white base. I debated getting the one with the glitter in the clear base but ultimately ended up with this. Had to struggle a little with the best way to apply it and that turns out to be layering it over another white with no more then 2 coats of neon lights or else the glitter gets a little dense and its not meant to be layered like that. And to top it off, I layered matte top coat on top.